Wireless Service Engineering (WSE 2010 - 2011)

The page for Wireless Service Engineering course. Course is currently in session and will be lectured next time on Autumn 2011 - 2012 at Lappeenranta University of Technology

Current course page is based on content from for previous years courses.

WSE2010 News

  • Exercise times
    • Tuesdays 0900 - 1100hrs
    • Tuesdays 1200 - 1400hrs
  • Brainstorm phase deadline
    • 22.10.2010
  • Design phase deadline
    • 02.11.2010
  • Implementation /Demonstration deadline
    • 07.12.2010
  • Demostration Practicalities
    • Demonstrations start at 1400hrs on 07.12.2010 in ML6218
    • All should be present at the demo
    • Each presentation lasts 10 minutes + 2 minutes for questions
    • 1-3 slides for background & idea
    • Main part is the code, implementation & application execution.
    • Be ready to evaluate others work & have your work evaluated by others
    • A video projector will be provided, consider and make arrangment if you need own laptop
    • Presentation order is Team 1 → Team 8


  1. Course overview 2010 – 02.09.2010
  2. Wireless devices – 09.09.2010
  3. Wireless communication medium - (PANs, Cellular, WLANs & Touch Zones) – 16.09.2010, 23.09.2010
  4. Security – 07.10.2010
  5. Context-Awareness – 12.10.2010, 14.10.2010
  6. Etc – 14.10.2010

Demo Lectures

  1. Device capabilities – 07.09.2010
  2. Services – 14.09.2010
  3. Bluetooth – 21.09.2010
  4. Service discovery – 28.09.2010
  5. NFC talk - Red Solution's presentation – 05.10.2010
  6. Mobile payment (RFID LUT talk, projects, …) – 12.10.2010



Give skills in python development in Maemo environment for Project Work

  1. Environment – 07.09.2010
  2. Libosso 12.10.2010
  3. Bluetooth part 1 – 21.09.2010
  4. Bluetooth part 2 – 28.09.2010
  5. Maemo connectivity – 05.10.2010

Project work

In teams of 4 persons you are required to design and develop an application/service for which wireless communication (Bluetooth, wifi, RFID, IrDA, NFC etc) is an essential part. Your application should meet the following minimum requirements.

  1. Provide a helpful/useful service to some target group
  2. Have some kind of graphical user interface (gtk, tkinter, Qt, etc).
  3. At least use some context information to adapt/personalise the service offered. Typical sources of context information include
    1. The device's capabilites - E.g. CC/PP, UAProf, wurfl, etc
    2. From the device's user - E.g. interactive user input, automatic or preset user details
    3. Device's built-in sensors - E.g. accelerometer, GPS, camera, microphone etc.
    4. User's soical networks - E.g. facebook, twitter, flickr, etc
    5. Device built-in applications - E.g. Calendar, alarm, remindars, battery manager, etc
    6. Any other you can think of not on this list ..
  4. Interactions should be in some form of Markup Language (e.g. XML, WBXML, etc)
  5. Address some challenge of the adopted wireless medium

Any completed extra/optional tasks entitles your team to extra bonus points awarded during project. Lists of task entitled for bonus points include:

  • Considers and provide solutions to the challenges of the adopted wireless medium
  • Utilises mutliple wireless technologies - E.g. Bluetooth → wifi → GPRS etc
  • Incorporate some form of security, privacy or trust mechanism.
  • Application functions on different device types decently/similarly E.g. works on (Nokia N810 & N95) or (Nokia E90 & Samsung) etc
  • Uses multiple context sources in a combined enriching manner - E.g. GPS to update facebook status with location etc
  • Workable payment scheme included in the implementation
  • Justified use of alternate paradigm(s) to client-server architecture - E.g. Peer-to-Peer, Ad-hoc, mixture, etc.

Project return instructions

  • Design document should be returned by email
  • Final project demonstarted
    • All should be zipped to a single file
    • zip file contains the final project documentation, final project codes, etc
    • zip file naming format E.g. team3_wse2010_final_project.zip
  • Reference all helpful resources in your project work

Project Details

Team No Team Title Idea Brainstorm Design Final
1 Mika Vainikka Fill-Up (JavaME) Application for storing data about your car's gas tank fill-ups. Save data to device memory or send to a web server application and database. You can also make a query to the server for the latest fill-up data. 09.09.2010 20.09.2010 v1 23.09.2010
2 Jussi Saukkonen, Ilkka Nokelainen, Mikko Nykänen, Samu SuurinkeroinenGeocatchProgram to create and save new geocaches with mobile device. Created geocaches can be then shared for example with friends.14.10.2010 28.10.2010 -
3 Marée T., Tarkkonen J., Wortel J.Mobile Guide (Python, Qt) This application is designed for helping people getting usefull information when they travell. With that application installed, they will be able to find almost anything in the city they ask for. 30.09.2010 01.11.2010 -
4 César Quijano Vaquera PhotoSharing This applciation will let you create, manage and share photos organized in albums using bluetooth (or wifi). Users will be identified with unique keys so no unauntorized people get your photos. 14.10.2010 - -
5 Mathieu Delpuech, Benoit Clair P2P network using computers & cellphones implement a P2P (file-sharing oriented) network, using C language. Basically users could share and search files using a web interface (by connecting to a remote server using wifi). Users are supposed to register to the server, thus they're able to share using wifi or bluetooth. Server allows to personalize service by centralizing data (e.g. 10 last downloads). 22.10.201001.11.2010 -
6 Johannes Tattari Application for teachers and students in a classroom for lecture quizzes Teacher makes questions with the PC-client and sends the questions in XML using TCP/IP to the Students mobile device. 21.10.2010 - -
7 Ville Jurkkola, Joona-Pekka Kokko sticky notes A sticky notes application by which the user can create notes on the smart phone desktop and store and synchronize their content over the Internet through the use of web services. For the smart phone platform we have chosen Maemo 5.0. 21.10.201004.11.2010 -
8 Alexander Ovcharenko, César Quijano VaqueraWake On Lan MobileProgramm helps system administrator to turn the list of hosts via Wake On Lan technology.23.11.2010 - -


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