Exercises, Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Intro to resources
  • Short intro to eclipse
  • Introduction to Python language
  • Basement 6218
    • Access list

Aim to develop applications to Nokia Internet Table device

  • Linux operating system,
  • Maemo as an Application Development Platform

Development environment


  • Development environment: Eclipse with Esbox plugin (uses CDT and pydev plugins too)
    • creation of basic directory structure of Maemo application
    • running Maemo SDK environment
    • Note normal text editors with some manual work can be used as well for python development.
  • Python language
  • Maemo SDK
  • Scratchbox cross-compilation environment; X86, ARM
  • Linux, debian based distribution

More about

Topics in exercises:

  • Introduction to tools
  • Application development tutorial for Maemo
  • Hildon / GTK ui
  • Connectivity in Maemo / 770
  • LibOsso general use library (RPC, hardware status and events)
  • Installation package management


  • Exercises will provide basic knowledge about the environment and tools
  • Information can be used when implementing software in the practical assignment phase II
  • Exercise sessions will include introductory presentation (similar to this) and practical work with varying topics

Python language

  • Features
  • Examples from pygtk
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