Wireless Service engineering

The page for Wireless Service Engineering course. Course will be lectured next time on Autumn 2010 at Lappeenranta University of Technology This page contains material for previous years course.

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NOTE: Nokia contest for innovative mobile applications



Demo Lectures

DEMO Lectures draft


1. Period, Aim is to give skills in python development in Maemo environment for Project Work

Exercises Schedule and contents

python_examples 1

sample C bluetooth discover code

Practical assignment

The practical assignment of the course is to create a service or application that uses the wireless communications. The work is done in groups consisting 1-N members.

  1. Form groups
    • Send group info to assistant: petri dot heinila at lut dot fi
      • Group members (name, number, email)
      • Initial name for your project
  2. Phase I : Design
    • The Phase I document is returned to Deadline 27.10.2008
    • Send document, as .pdf by email to assistant: petri dot heinila at lut dot fi
    • WSE Project work Design Phase 1 Feedback session on 13.11.2008 14:30 at 6614 (IT Library)
  3. Phase II : Implementation
    • Phase 2 document and assignment is to be returned to Deadline 5.12.2008
    • Demonstration day for final works will be at December 5.12.2008.

Return instructions http://opetus.it.lut.fi/doku.php?id=wiki:user:hevi


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