Problems in development

Eclipse & Esbox: Internal error in launching python program

An internal error occurred during: "Launching ph-first (DIABLO_X86-local)".


Esbox seems to confuse with Pydev environment setup with desktop side setting. Workaround is to remove configured python interpreter as then desktop python ewenvironment setup's are not applied. Scratchbox has is using own python interpreter.

Window ⇒ Preferences ⇒ Pydev ⇒ Interpreter - Python: Python interpreters: select & Remove

Pydev might say that interpreter (for desktop) in not configured, but for scratchbox usage we can ignore it as we are using scratchbox python interpreter.

This is not nice workaround, but it seems there is a bug in Pydev or Esbox code, and it cannot easy resolve (upgrading components might be solution, but setting up current environment has been taken full work week, maybe later maybe not)

Last modified: 2013/07/01 14:41