Maemo connectivity

Maemo – Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is provided by

Maemo connectivity daemon
   Bluetooth Dial-up networking
   Wireless LAN
Applications can create connections with

Maemo Connectivity API
Dbus Interface is available for Internet

connectivity Daemon

Maemo - Obex

Libopenobex implements general Obex

session protocol
Libgwobex is a helper/wrapper for

It can be used to:

   create obex connection
   close obex connection
   reading directories, retrieve and send files, ...
Header file for Libgwobex is gw-obex.h

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth operation can be managed with

dbus applications for Bluetooth
Connectivity (osso-gwconnect)
Osso-gwconnect includes

   Bluetooth connection daemon
   Bluetooth SDP
   Bluetooth search
Header file to include in applications is

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