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Wireless Service Engineering

Device capabilities


  • Not real mobility
    • Nomadic users
  • Sizes vary from 12“, 1.3kg to 17” 6,0 kg
  • Same operating systems work than for desktop computers
    • Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS X…
    • Have same applications than equivalent desktop computers
    • Porting software from desktop computers is simple
  • Support can be gained to most of wireless communication technologies through PCMCIA cards
    • Wireless LAN and Bluetooth are commonly integrated in new models


  • 1992: ParcPad a precurosr for tablet computers
    • Pen input
    • wireless connections
    • “Scrap computer” pick up one, make notes and leave. Not planned to be carried around.
      • User computing “session” is kept in network.
  • Tablet PC:s
    • Laptops with ParcPad capabilites i.e. toych screen and wireless connections
    • Some OS's lack features for effective used on tablet PC's

Nokia 810 Internet Tablet

  • High-resolution (800×480) touch screen with up to 65,536 colours
  • Stylus based UI
  • Memory 128MB (>64MB for user)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.2 and 802.11.b/g
  • Operating system: Internet Tablet 2005 software edition
  • Maemo development platform
  • Applications (some)
    • Web Browser
    • Flash Player version 6
    • Email Client
    • Internet Radio
    • News Reader
    • PDF viewer
    • File Manager
    • Games


  • Vendors: HP, Palm, Sharp, Toshiba…
  • Smallish screen
    • Most common resolution 240×320 with 65k colours
  • Mostly stylus based UI
    • Some have small keayboards (zaurus)
  • Memory capabilities vary from 50 to 150 MB
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, 802.11, GPRS (either integrated or external card),IrDA
  • Operating Systems:
    • Palm OS, Windows Pocket PC, Linux.
  • Applications: most ot the applications available for the given OS

Mobile Phones

  • Vendors: Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, Blackberry…
  • Screen sizes vary a lot
  • UI: number pads, keyboards, stylus
  • Memory capabilities vary a lot
  • Low computation power
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, 802.11, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, IrDA
  • Operating Systems:
    • Symbian, Linux, Windows mobile, Palm OS, proprietary OS's.
  • Applications: some ot the applications available for the given OS
    • Depending on the devices capabilities

Other devices

  • IBM Personal Server
  • iPod
  • Portable gaming devices
    • Nintendo, Nokia, Sony…
    • Wiimote
  • Wear comp
  • RFID gadget's
  • Special devices for specific use
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