• Year and Period: M.Sc. (Tech.) 1, Period 3-4
  • Teacher(s): Associate Professor, D.Sc. (Tech.) Pekka Jäppinen
  • Aims: The student understands the challenges that wireless communication technologies and mobile devices provide to service development. He/she learns methods to create and improve services for wireless environment.
  • Content: Wireless service types: fixed services, mobile Internet services, ad hoc services, mobile p2p, ubiquitous services, environment services. The service perspective to mobile devices and wireless network technologies. Service discovery methods. Service enhancing technologies: adaptation and personalization, context awareness, location. Suitable also for postgraduate studies.
  • Modes of Study: Lectures 28 h, exercises 14 h, practical assignment part 1 20 h, 3. period.
    Lectures 14 h, exercises 14 h, practical assignment part 2 30 h, 4. period.
    Self-study 49 h, preparation for exam 10 h and exam 3 h.
    Total workload 182 h.
  • Evaluation 0 - 5. Exam 50 %, practical assignments 50 %.
  • Study materials Material announced in lectures.
  • Prerequisites CT30A5001 Network Programming.

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