Some pointers for doing MSc thesis

  1. Contact a supervisor from the field you want to make your thesis from, for either possible topics or just to get comments about your own idea.
    • Select a topic that fits well to your knowledge area.
  2. Plan your work.
    • Make clear deadlines, so that you will get your work done.

Writing the document

The target group of your thesis are people with MSc on your field of study. Thus you can expect them to know the common and basic issues. Your thesis should follow the general rules provided by University (Instructions for preparing a Master’s thesis)

Good structure for thesis would be:

  1. Abstract:
    • A brief summary of what your thesis is abuot
  2. Introduction:
    • In introduction you should tell the motivation of the work, the basic problem you are solving and some ideas how the problem is solved. The idea of introduction is to give the reader the idea about the context the thesis is about. Good introduction will also help the reader to understand the meaning of the theory you write about.
  3. Theoretical part
    • Concentrate on the theoretical part on the aspects that are meaningful for understanding your thesis. Always before you start to write about new paragraph in your theory part, think: How is this related to my thesis
  4. Practical part
  5. Conclusions
  6. References
    • When possible use original sources that have been peer reviewed. You can find such articles from major scientific databases like (IEEE explore, ISI web of knowledge, citeseer and google scholar. Along with scientific articles, books are also good source for basic information. Websites often provide valuabel information, but the validity of such data is questionable. Wikipedia for example, is not a good reference, as it can be edited by anyone and the content of page can change daily. Wikipedia on the other hand can be used to find the more proper references as the articles have references at the end of the page.
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