This year seminars will deal with different security protocols. You will familiarize yourself with the protocol and analyse it's strengths and weaknesses. Try to come up example cases where the given protocol is useful and where it cannot be used.

Location: Room 4402 Time: Tuesdays 12-16

Group size

The seminars will be done in either small group (2 persons) or big group (4-5 persons). Small group presentation should last ~40 minutes and then have 20 minute discussion. Big group presentation should last ~60 minutes and then have 20 minutes for discussion

Written part

Write a document that describes the protocol and evaluates its strength and weaknesses. Describe the protocol and give your own analysis of it's security. Where it's security is based on. What are the pre assumptions that has to be fulfilled for system be secure. Describe the strengths and weaknesses. Return your document at least one week before your presentation. If you want feedback of the document, then return the draft version at least two weeks before the presentation.

After your presentation you will be given a chance to revise your paper based on the comments and discussions after presentation.

All the final documents will be put available at this website so that other course participants can read them. There will be at least one question in exam that is based on these presentations.


Give a presentation about the protocol or protocols. State how the protocol works, where the security lies on, what are the strengths and weakness. After the presentation there is some time reserved for discussion, when audience can ask questions and give comments. Activity and demonstration of good understanding here will give extra points and can enhance your grade.

Exam may contain question from seminar work that can be downloaded from this page

No seminars will be added to this page for downloading between the time frame of december 12-20.

Seminar times, groups and topics

You can also suggest your own topic.

Send email to were.oyomno[at] to reserve time & topic. Also get in touch with groups having few individuals and ask if you could form/join their group - The presentation slot for 17.11.2009 just got vacant anyone interested in that slot?

Date/Time Group members Topic/Comments
27.10 / 12-16hrs lecture Cancelled
3.11 / 12-16hrs Cancelled/Work trip
10.11 / 12-16hrs cancelled
17.11 / 12-16hrs Pekka Jäppinen Lectures
24.11 / 12-16hrs Pekka Jäppinen Lectures
01.12 / 12-14hrs Mikhail Kondra, Nicolas Martinez Bluetooth Connection forming security
14 -16 Alireza Kahaei, Maximilan Ruppaner, Bandana Karki, Facihul Azam Zigbee security ?
08.12 / 12-14hrs Tuomo Timonen, Marko Ihonen, Anssi Salo 802.11 Security Protocols
14-16hrs Philipp Rybalov, Aoke Li IPSEC based VPN

Possible topics (feel free to focus):

  • HB family (HB +, HB ++, HB-MP and possible variants) (Protocols are quite similar to each other so this task is intended for group of 4-5 persons. Presentation time ~1 hour) (or can be divided for 2 2 person groups)
  • Transparent and Secure remote network storage system: Master's thesis of Mika Boström
  • Liberty alliance Simplified (single) signon architecture: (Can be done in one group of 4-5 persons. Presentation time ~1 hour)
  • Tor and Onion routing
  • Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
  • Radius Security
  • OpenID
  • DRM protocols (dtcp-IP)
  • DNS security and its extensions
  • Bluetooth
    • Connection forming security (Mikhail Kondra and Nicolas Martinez)
    • Link security
    • Audio security
    • ….
  • 3g
    • Select specific task or protocol
  • WPA 2
  • VPN
    • IPSEC based
    • non- IPSEC
  • Your own suggestion
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