CT30AJ200 Tietoliikennetekniikan jatko-opintokurssi 2

Advanced topics in telecommunications 2

Lecturer: Senior Assistant, D.Sc. (Tech.) Pekka Jäppinen
Goals: To learn threats against RFID systems. To understand the restrictions for security solutions for RFID. To learn state of art solutions for RFID security
Content: Threats against RFID, Attacks against RFID, Physical security, security algorithms
Recommended: CT30A8800 Secured Communications
Literature: Thornton F. et al. RFID security, Syngress press
Lecture hand-outs.
Related scientific papers on RFID security algorithms. List of algorithms can be found from:
Selwyn Piramuthu: Protocols for RFID tag/reader authentication. Decision Support Systems 43(3): 897-914 (2007)
Lectures Lectures: 4h, Seminars 14 h, practical assignment, 4th period. Exam



Lectures 6 h Participating introductory lectures
Seminars 16 h Listening Seminars
Preparation for Seminar discussions 16 h Reading the material before seminar
Seminar work 16 h Preparation of seminar presentation
Total 54h


2 ECTS 54h
Practical assignment 1 30h Literature review: Threat analysis
Practical assignment 2 30h TBD
Exam 3h
Preparation for exam 60h Reading the book and selected research papers
Total 177h


  • 3.3.2008 14:15-15:15 Introduction to course 1h.
  • 17.3.2008 12:15-16:00 Current issues in RFID security (4h)
  • 31.3.2008 : Continuation of Current issues in RFID security (4h) and some papers
    • Selwyn Piramuthu: Protocols for RFID tag/reader authentication
  • 7.4.2008 : 4h
  • 14.4 2008 : 4h
    • zero-knowledge proofs: Ari
    • K. Osaka, T. Takagi, K. Yamazaki, O.Takahashi, An efficient and Secure RFID Security method with ownertransfership
    • A. Juels et al. Security and Privacy in E-passports: Were
  • 21.4.2008 : and even more papers 4h
    • K. Osaka, T. Takagi, K. Yamazaki, O.Takahashi, An efficient and Secure RFID Security method with: Teemu
  • Application related papers

Seminar topics

  • Other
    • M. R. Rieback, P.N.D. Simpson, B. Crispo and A. S. Tanenbaum, RFID malware: Design principles and examples
    • S. Rao, N. Thantry, R. Pendse, RFID Security Threats to Consumers: Hype vs. Reality, The 41st Annual IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology
    • Yossi Oren. Remote Power Analysis of RFID Tags http://eprint.iacr.org/2007/330.pdf

Or you can select a paper from : Gildas Avoine web site

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