Review checklist

Project specifications review “checklist”. Idea here is to give constructive comments how to improve the specification.

Specifications overall

  • Was the document readable ?
  • Did you get idea out of it ?
  • Could you make an implementation based on document ?
  • Is the document continuous in details, can you go to big details to smaller detailed definitions.
  • Think Specification qualities as well.

System overview

  • From presentation can you know the major entities of the system ?
  • From presentation can you know the reason why a entity exists there ?
  • What are the relationships between pieces ?

Protocol Stack overview

  • Did you figure out the software components (layer) ?
  • and Connections between components ?

Layer service

  • Did you get idea out of layer service description why the layer is there ?
  • Are all relevant requirements for layer listed ?
  • Is there non relevant requirements ?
  • Are all relevant constraints for layer listed ?
  • Is there non relevant constraints ?

Layer Model

  • Does the model describe the contents of the layer ?
  • Are all relevant entities described ?
  • Are all relevant interfaces described ?
  • Are all relevant associations presented ?

FSM Diagrams

  • Does the FSM describe the communication behaviour of the entity.
  • Are all input events taken into account ?
  • Are error conditions handled (in diagram or in text) ?

MSC Diagrams

  • It is clear what communication MSC diagram describes ?
  • Does the MSC give idea of the communication ?
  • Might there be a more relevant MSC for example situation ?

Abstract Message Definitions

  • Does all relevant messages exist ?
  • It the purpose of every message clear ?
  • Does the message contain relevant field for communication data ?
  • Is every data type covered ?

Concrete Message Definitions

  • Is the message identification clear ?
  • Is data type presentation exact in that way it can be coded into bit stream ?


  • Is referencing used correctly ?
  • Are quotations correctly presented (if exists) ?

Other comments

  • Other Comments to mention
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