CSPA Development environment


  • DO NOT SHUTDOWN COMPUTERS IN CLASSROOM 6325. They are in remote use as well.


Visual Paradigm

  • Graphical diagram based modeling tool to created designs and specification for communication systems
  • It is based for Unified Modeling Language (UML) specifications, digram types mostly used in course:
    • Collaboration (object) diagrams to present entities in architectures
    • Class diagrams to specify types of entities and messages
    • Sequence diagrams to express the message exchange between communicating entities or active objects
    • State chart diagrams to present entities internal state in communication
  • Company site http://www.visual-paradigm.com/ , used product in course is Visual Paradigm for UML
  • Visual Paradigm is commercial product, but there is cost free commercial edition http://www.visual-paradigm.com/download/vpuml.jsp?edition=ce , that is suitable for course.
  • You can also use other diagramming (UML based) tool for design and specification as long tool has given diagram support and has solid model – diagram framework (for example dia or visio are poor choices for modeling tool as they lack model implementation in design).
  • Visual Paradigm instructions.

Python Programming Language

  • Programming language in course to create communications system implementation.
  • Related course CT60A0200 Ohjelmoinnin perusteet (Basics of Programming, in finnish)


Qt for Python

  • Qt GUI library is used for graphical user interfaces in exercises and project work



  • Integrated development environment (IDE) for software development.
  • Eclipse is used during course exercises, but you are free to use whatever IDE or text editor you like (that can handle ASCII or UTF-8)

PyDev Python Plugin for Eclipse

  • PyDev is a plugin for Eclipse to to support python language; editor syntax, debugger, running python programs.


  • Word processor to write specification part of the project work.
  • You can use ms word (or any other favorite word processor) you like.

Internet Search Engine

Linux, Ubuntu

  • Basic development usage in linux environment.
  • Knowledge of locations of used files in development.


  • Used to examine encodings.
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