CSA Homework 2: Entity - Message - Interface Modeling

From systems found in first homework, model entities - messages - intefaces like in exercise assignment csa exercise 02.

CSA Homework 3: Communication Modelign with MSC diagrams


Create class diagram where to put found entities and messages into interfaces.


  • Just focus on messages now, not the syntax or content.

CSA Homework 4: FSM's (State Machines)

Find on out three systems that has a states (and FSM) in their functioning (a bit more complex that lightbulb). System might be a communication system or other system. Find out entity and interface that has states from the system and model a FSM from their functioning.

CSA Homework 5: Abstract Messages

Find on out two communications systems, study systems and locate communicating entities amd interfaces for them. Model the messages in interfaces, the information content, message identification (or type name), and typed fields of messages with purpose description.


  • There should be at least 4 messages
  • There should be at least 5 different types used
  • System might be previously found system (preferred) or imaginary system as well (it has to have some kind of purpose or sense)

CSA Homework 5: Concrete Messages, Byte Count Coding

From previous homework create byte count coding specifications of the messages found.

CSA Homework 07

From previous homeworks take one system (or create one, if none is suitable or homeworks are missing) and for that system create

CSA Homework 08

From selected system in previous homework 07 create a layer model. Model the interfaces, entities, and structure in system.

CSA Homework 09, Standards

Find 5 different standardization organization and for each find a standard (take a reference)

  • Describe the organization, area, impact, ..
  • Describe the standard, provided interoperability, communication, ..

CSA Homework 10: Concrete Messages, Character Coding

Based from homework 05, create character coding specifications of the messages found.

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