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CSA Exercises & Project Work Arrangements


Course web locations and material


  • HR02 Tue 16-18 6428 (HR = Harjoitus Ryhmä = Exercise Group)
  • HR01 Thu 14-16 6428
  • You should select only one exercise group per week.
  • Goes along lectures, exercises topics are not fixed yet
  • “Paper and Pen” work
    • Programming in communications software laboratory works course

Modeling "Tools"

  • Communication protocol modeling and specification tools.
  • Entities structures
  • MSC diagrams
  • Finite State Machines (FSM)
  • Applied UML to communications system.

Message Modeling

  • Message modeling between peers and layers.
  • In abstract syntax (as types, or as message content)
  • In concrete bit stream syntax (coding)
    • Character stream based coding
    • Byte count based coding

Layered software architecture

  • Layered stack protocol layers
  • Structure & Interaction


  • After exercise there will be given a homework to do.
  • Completed homework gives a bonus points (0.5 per work) to grading.

Project Work

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