requirements needed for testing

requirements model

  • use case diagrams
    • Define one functional requirement adorned with nonfunctional requirements.
  • Can be translated to test model
    • test model is used as basis and verification
    • TTCN (tree and tabular combined notation) used for test cases and testing (testing chapter)
  • Detailed UML models can be used for automating test cases
    • Model bugs are hard to find
      • application behaviour testing required.
    • Error in model will cause erraneous testing.

analysis model

  • describe the parts of system
  • high level definitions
  • collaboration diagrams
    • What are the functional parts and their relations

Use case diagrams

  • classifiers
    1. Actors
      • represent functional entities (human, machine, software)
      • denoted with stick figure
    2. Use cases
      • possible use of software under development
      • denoted with ellipse

Associations in use case diagrams

  • defines the connections between actors and use cases
  • generalisation
    • TCP client → client (actor)
    • make TCP connection → make connection (use case)
  • «uses», «extends», «includes»


  • Packages
  • Interfaces
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