Specification & Description Language (SDL)

(based on the material from earlier editions of the course Communications software and architecture at LUT)


  • Language for unambiguous specification and description of telecommunications systems
    • structure
    • behaviour
    • data
  • Specification and desription
    • a specification of a system is the description of its required behaviour
    • a description of a system is the description of its actual behaviour, that is its implementation
  • SDL is designed for telecommunication systems, UML is generic for any application

SDL use

  • SDL may be used for producing
    • Specification and Design of diverse applications: aerospace, automotive control, electronics, medical systems,
    • Telecommunications Standards and Design for (examples):
      • Call & Connection Processing,
      • Maintenance and fault treatment (for example alarms, automatic fault clearance, routine tests) in general telecommunications systems,
      • Intelligent Network (IN) products,
      • Mobile handsets and base stations,
      • Satellite protocols
  • Can be used to generate product code directly with help of tools like ObjectGeode, Tau/SDT, Cinderella

System and environment in SDL

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