CT30A9700 Network Security

4 ECTS cr

Aims Knowledge: Understands the principles of cryptography and mathematics behind it. Skills: Student can analyse the network behavior an use tools to protect network. Can implement secure connection.

Content Information security goals, general terms, security policy and basics of data encryption and user authentication. Cryptography principles, firewalls, IDS, network analysis tools.

Modes of Study Lectures 14 h, exercises 14 h, 3. period Laboratory works (3) 30 h, practical assignment 20 h, 4. period. Other load: Independent studying 26 h. Total 104 h.

Evaluation 0 - 5. Laboratory works 50%, practical assignment 50%. Study materials Pfleeger & Pfleeger: Security in Computing. Anderson: Security Engineering. Material delivered/announced during lectures.

Prerequisites CT30A3800 Johdatus tietoturvaan or equivalent and CT30A5002 Games and Networking.

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